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There is no functionality appearing, what should I do?

    - Clear the cache of the page. (Ctrl + F5)
    * We recommend clearing the cache for each new release version.

What is new ?

V. - Realese Date: 27/12/2018

    - Display the map of a job when the application rate is zero.
    - New functionality to transfer signal from novatel OEM to DMGW.
    - Product app report improvements.
    - Improvement of performance in the machines screen.
    - Settings in the layout on the Notifications screen.
    - Translation of texts into Spanish.

V. - Realese Date: 05/10/2018

    - Marker of the guapa,Imperador 2000 e KingJet machine to the portal telemetry.
    - In the work sessions, changed some texts to bring more clarity about the information.
    - Time format in the adjusted work sessions.
    - Messages have been processed on the Novatel Receiver Status screen.
    - When generating a token for integration with an incorrect user, an Invalid User message is displayed.
    - In the report of licenses expired Telemetria changed the query to search by the expiration date of the licenses.

V. - Realese Date: 14/09/2018

    - Reporting notifications with the longest execution time to generate reports with more data.
    - Text of the dialog box contact us changed.
    - Adjusted inconsistencies with language in Spanish language.
    - License report expired.

V. - Realese Date: 29/08/2018

    - Added values default in the settings of notification of machine and station.
    - Orientation work for the topper version 4.x.
    - Machine notification report and station notification.
    - Notification report the id machine next to the name was added..
    - Working screen, the Id Machine was added next to the Id Hardware.
    - Quotation option on authorization screen and license only for admin user..
    - Text translation on forms.
    - The weight used was changed to the product used in statistics in the work..
    - Added new marquer.

V. - Realese Date: 05/15/2018

    - Work screen improvements.
    - Machine and Sensor Notification Report.
    - Machine Weather Station Sensors Data.
    - Adjusted Topper license coupon mask for mobile devices.
    - Added the machine name when sending SMS.
    - Text adjustment sent by SMS.
    - Fixed problem when adding an actuator without any information.


    - Set the notification search by selecting "All" in the Date field of a notification.
    - Improved interface of system warnings.
    - Implemented machine performance in work statistics.
    - Adjusted misaligned fields for mobile devices on user edit screen.
    - Removed Map Zoom message on the jobs screen.
    - Adjusted machine filter does not immediately load machines when changing status on mobile devices.
    - Removing field "nickname" to register of Resales.
    - Checked scrollbar settings in Internet Explorer.
    - Adjusted error when generating product consumption report in other languages.
    - Implemented SMS sending for notifications.

V. - Realese Date: 01/11/2017

    - Added Telemetry License Report.
    - Fixed error when searching for machines path for a period of 7, 15 or 30 days.
    - Adjusted reports filters to see schedules in data search.
    - Adjusted machine path in some cases when you turn the day is not showing the full path.
    - Adjusted conversion of seed statistics per hectare.
    - Fixed error when generating product consumption gel on the Jobs tab.
    - Corrected generation of work report performed we need to select an extra day in the filters.
    - Fixed validation to "create" a notification without selecting a Topper.
    - Updated tanks for planing type actuator.
    - Fixed map problem getting dark when loaded some work.

V. - Realese Date: 09/29/2017

    - Adjusted problem in generating User Report.
    - Adjusted inconsistency when writing license Paid in database.
    - Inserted combo box with quantity of machines that appears in the machine information table.
    - Adjust the screen to view clients in the Users menu.
    - Adjust tanks 1 for the plantation-type machines in the work statistics.
    - Set in Tanks 1 and 2 to be opaque when you do not have data in the statistics.
    - Added Report of renewed licenses.
    - Adjusted size of 'Contact Us' button on screens of size 320x568.
    - Adjusted to set the machine path in the job menu whe the utc is positive.

V. - Realese Date: 08/07/2017

    - Replaced text from "machine hours" to "Receive hours of maintenance".
    - Translated user report fields.
    - Inserted mask in the phone field in the User / Reseller registry.
    - Changed the name of the "feedback" button to "Contact Us".
    - Inserted menu quotes on tabs.
    - Fixed results from notifications history table.
    - Set in the Reports menu to not open a blank page if you block filtering.
    - Changed the text of the "Print" button to "Generate Report".

V. - Realese Date: 28/07/2017

    - Removed User's option of reseller type added a new Topper 5500.
    - Adjusted the Topper listing screen so that when added a new Topper for client it will not be unconfigured.
    - Added machine status filter in machine information query screen. Being able to choose between working, stopped, moving, offline and all.
    - Added an alert on the home page stating that the license of one or more Topper has won.
    - Toppers who have expired licenses will have their jobs locked in telemetry from their expiration date. Previous jobs can be viewed normally.
    - In the notifications menu has been adjusted so that it is accessible in smaller and mobile screens.
    - Changed machine group markers.
    - Remove the social media https://vimeo.com from the footer of the telemetry portal page. Stara is no longer part of this media.
    - Changed the fuel consumption marker value from zero to n/a.
    - Added to an alert message when the user accesses the machine menu and does not have machines or groupers.
    - Added icons next to notification filters in the list notifications screen.
    - Adjusted the "no work found" help message on the telemetry works screen.
    - Set up the customer master record by adding validation for some character types in the nickname field.
    - Added alert message to user, when no machine is selected in filters in job reports.
    - Retrieved the RTK menu.
    - Adjusted the layout of the Toppers report per user.

V. - Realese Date: 06/28/2017

    - Created Quotes screen to show business market data. (Admin only)
    - Implemented validations in Notifications for Toppers higher than version 3.2.X.X.
    - Adjusted layout of the Topper tab columns.
    - Added help button in the notifications tab in the 'turn on' column.
    - Set the button to generate new user password.
    - Added field validation when creating a notification.
    - Adjusted alignment of the descriptions in the report, when the language is in Russian.
    - Added Id_Hardware/machine filter in Notification History.
    - Created new Toppers license report.
    - Translated user report fields.
    - Expiry date setting for license release by Pos Sales.
    - Created demo user to tour the system.
    - Fixed validation when adding a new license to use a Topper.

V. - Realese Date : 05/30/2017

    - Added notification menu and notification history.
    - Add to the machine marker the machine ID and redirect when accessed by groupers.
    - Set the weather station menu link.
    - Added new machine markers.
    - Added Toppers Report by Reseller.
    - Adjustment in the Novatel Signal transfer method.
    - Added Machine hours, Motor Temperature and Cons. Fuel in mechanical machines.
    - Made adjustments to the login page.
    - Made adjustments to the Release Notes screen.
    - Created Copy feature to transfer area in the activations menu: Topper Maps and Edx 4500.
    - Permission setting access to Weather Station menu.
    - Translated fields of the report in the Russian language.
    - The initial and final date in the calendar of the reports.
    - Created invalid user treatment typed in the "I forgot my password" field.
    - Added to the registration of users and resell data of country, state, city and address.
    - Made adjustments in the Reports to open on the same page.
    - Added field filter in the job menu.

V. - Realese Date : 04/13/2017

    - Disable the warning of any work found by clicking on the screen.
    - Retrieved second button to expand the map on the mobile screen.
    - Soon removed from the campaign proud of being Brazilian of all the images of the telemetry portal.
    - New layout of the main screen of the system.
    - Added list of portal machines.
    - Validations in the feedback register by the site.
    - New translations of text in the Russian language.
    - Added high temperature alarm in the path made by the machine.
    - Novatel's authorization and licensing purchase forms will be reset after the information has been sent.


    - Implemented new Novatel method: Temporary Authorization.
    - Adjusted the format of the dates in the job information according to each selected language.
    - Added to the climatic data of the work the wind direction and unit of pressure (hPa). Removed Minimum and maximum temperature. Reset widget layout.
    - Adjusted the unit of measure of the product in the field "Sessions" of the work.
    - Added North location icon on the map.
    - In the created markers filter machines that have electronic motor and machines that do not have.
    - In the job information the name of the actuators was altered according to the selected language.
    - Adjusted error when clicking the link of the machine name, there was a crash in the portal (Internet Explorer only).
    - Adjusted problem of centralizing on a machine when accessed a grouper.
    - Adjust the calendar when selecting a job. In green (the day a job was created). Blue (day worked with the machine).


    - Inserted colors according to Engine temperature in the machine popup.
    - Re-adaptation of the Weather to job weather data functionality.
    - Added new list of machines in portal.


    - Adjustment of tank 1 measurement units in tank statistics.


    - Added the telemetry generation of activation keys of Topper Maps and Edx - 4500.
    - Adjusting texts in Russian.
    - Added the list of machine of the portal Imperador 3.0 Dist E.
    - Added the list of machine of the portal Imperador 3000.
    - Changed menu 'Novatel' to 'Activations'.


    - Added notification on the job tab when a machine has not yet sent any work for telemetry.
    - Adjusted when the machine marker moves to automatically follow the map.
    - Statistics screen is shifted in the Job menu (in Russian).
    - Menu on the license tab is shifted (in Russian).
    - Created date range filter in job query.
    - Translation of texts for some languages.


    - Changed the background color of the component view permissions.
    - Adjusted behavior of expanding the Novatel menus.
    - Add the Instagram social network to the portal.
    - Adjusted font size of machine names when editing a Cluster.
    - Treatment in the session information in the field amount when used tractors.


    - Adjusted behavior of 'delete user' button when none was selected.
    - Aligned novatel field fields on mobile devices.
    - Inserted fuel consumption, engine temperature and machine hours on the machine markers.
    - Added the remaining time of the work in the information. (When using borders).
    - Added notifications button.


    - Added button 'back to top' on pages with extensive content.
    - Adjusted alignment of the user icon in the Info tab.
    - Implemented method to resend a Novatel signature.
    - Moved the Signature Transfer tab into the license tab.
    - Updated RevB Novatel methods.
    - Made treatment for the name of the field when very large.
    - Adjusted button "Save" did not change the language to refresh the page.
    - Screen Adjustment terms.
    - Changed Operator Data (Users) Sessions by Topper in the job information.


    - Adjusted button to show versions at login by iPad.
    - Added permission for users of type 1 (Post sales) to the Permissions tab of the Toppers menu.
    - Treatment for job name when very large.
    - Adjust the subtitle of the work.
    - Changed text to insert (s) license (s) (s) topper (s).
    - Set information of the tanks 1 and 2 in statist.
    - Created GroupBox tanks 1 and 2.
    - Added name (s) operator (s) connected (s) to work.


    - Set decimal places for Legend of the tanks when the value is less than 100.
    - Added the license purchases novatel types: 6 months, 2 years and 3 years.
    - Added the Work menu the product statistics.
    - Centralized login fields on the iPad device.
    - Adjusted to always reset the weather button from time to load a job.
    - Adjusted interface of icons on the menu and user menu search on iPhone 5.
    - Adjusted plotting values when they have decimal places in the tank 1.
    - Adjusted fields in the edit menu customers for iPhone 5.


    - Changed filter query work when selected the 'Today' period will load the work that had update on Today.
    - Adjusted redirect the path of the toppers menu/list data.
    - Added release notes in the settings menu.
    - Adjusted when loaded a job it will centered on the map.
    - Added in the edition of the groupers Machine the field Id_Hardware.
    - Fixed problem loading the flags of the languages in IE11 browser.


    - Adjust the ratio of the background image when accessed on smaller screens.
    - Added language flag selected in the settings menu.
    - Translated few words in Spanish machine menu.
    - Work filter component adjustment not expand map.
    - Added the plot name in the working filter list.
    - Adjust the labor component where the name of it is listed and the number of applied hactares is coming off the menu.
    - Added plot icons, work and creation time job in the Job filter.
    - Fixed work filter calendar when selected the current date and the field was blank.
    - Adjusted when we click on the date menu on the tab machines, and then click full screen, the component was lost on the screen.
    - After customer registration I did not receive the password by email.


    - Created click the redirection work to menu Machine Status menu.
    - Adjusted scroll bar on the save settings menu button to Chrome based browsers.
    - Adjusted status of the machines in the Topper menu / List data.
    - Changed icon and size settings menu.
    - Added Feedback button.
    - Applied background on the login screen.
    - Signal transfer method Update Novatel.
    - Added loading when changing pages telemetry site.
    - Expand work filter automatically.


    - Added Last Name field to the Customer Database.
    - Signature Transfer TerraStar for second equipment (Novatel).
    - Lowered the size of the legend of the work.
    - Mark every day we had applied the calendar and the 1.0 version of the portal.
    - Added to work the legend of the units of the tanks 1 and 2 (ex .: ha, kg, No / ha ...).
    - Added machine path to the Job menu.


    - Retired footer menu All machines'.
    - Choose user field setting.
    - Set owner field.
    - Adjusted layout for when created new collator (* was showing the old one).
    - Machine name is not being replaced by 3 points.
    - Updated Key Google Maps API v1.0 Telemetry.
    - Set the timer of conculta machine information list.
    - Adjusted top edge of the filter works, the work menu.
    - Adjusted positioning of the settings popup.
    - Inserted Hardware Id pop up machines.
    - Lowered telemetry icon on desktop screens on machines and work menu (fullscreen).
    - Added query screens and signal receiver status in Novatel menu.


    - Margins of adjustment work filter component.
    - Lowered space at the bottom of the Job tab.
    - Adjusted the component that has the search function machines, tab work using the Chrome-based browser, such as Vivaldi and Opera. And Mobile devices.
    - Change list of information machines machines Menu.
    - Retired proud to be Brazilian icon for smaller screens 480px.
    - Included table name 'Maps' in the header of the screen list Topper data.
    - By clicking on the user setting button, the menu was superimposed on other fields in the Topper and User menu.
    - To expand or collect the filter, the footer just overlaying some components.
    - Difficulty in finding a Topper when using the scroll using the chrome browser in Windows.
    - Added markers Titan 2000 24 telemetry.
    - Adjusted translation for 'Data' in Topper menu for Es languages ​​and Ru who were 'undefined'.
    - Redefined layout Machines menu.


    - When you click the 1.0 button on the link v2.telemetriastara.com.br was not redirecting to www.telemetria.com.br.
    - Added markers Electronic Emperor 3100. Filmography - Added MPS markers.
    - Updated status markers path of the machines.
    - Lowered the margin size in the page header.
    - Retired footer of machines menus / maps and rtk.
    - Taken the function of RTK menu map redirected to the center after 5 seconds.
    - Adjusted icons / markers of Hercules 24,000
    - Adjusted black spots on the elevation map.
    - Upgraded license Google Maps API.


    - Update Translations.
    - Set on the Home screen help button, add a space in the sentence.
    - Added an animated gif of loading for when loading a job.
    - Updated icon signal repeater.
    - Set time to refresh the machine screen for 30 seconds.
    - Writing Correction RTK (Agricultural).
    - Adjusted working message not found time to 15 seconds.
    - Added functionality to locate the machines by name or id_hardware in the work menu.